"The end of learning is to repair the ruin of our first parents by regaining to know God aright, and out of that knowledge, to love Him, to imitate Him, to be like Him." - John Milton, Puritan Poet

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I Am Saddened By This

Yes, we went to the big homeschool convention in the South East and had a blast.  We just love going to these things.  Not only do we get to shop for more curriculum, books, dvds, games, and the like, we also get to hear some encouraging seminars by those who have gone before us, and who are still on the path.  We had a great time!  And to tell the truth, we spent a lot of money!!  I LOVE books, my dh loves books, my kids love books.  So you can guess that we bought a lot of books!!  Among other things...

So, what is it that saddens me so?  Well, (with a big sigh), I am so sad to find out that Ken Ham and Answers in Genesis has been kicked out of these conventions!!!  WHY? 

For being bold enough to speak TRUTH!!  Believe it or not, in a "Christian" homeschool convention, he is accused of being non-christian, among other things!!  To get the full report on this ridiculous account, you can read about it here

I am so sick about this.  I am so sick of the Church willingly falling into the same old trap of the enemy!  I can say this because myself, and my family, fell into it.  The compromise trap.  Yes, we were deceived by our enemy, but because the TRUTH of the origins of the earth and creation and the age of the earth is NOT preached from the pulpit!!!!!!!  And by the grace of God, we learned of our errors, which in reality is SIN!  Then we repented of our sin, and decided to actually believe the Bible for what it says.  For what Jesus says in HIS Word.  I will be posting more on this later...

Any way, I am declaring that I am a young earth creationist, Bible believing Christian!  But why does that even matter?  Well, I will be posting about that, too.  Since so many Christians just don't seem to get it.  I realize that this may sound harsh, but so be it.  Truth can be hard to swallow.  I know it is for me sometimes.
So, I will leave you with this to ponder...  If your child was in the middle of a pool drowning, would you jump in and save them?  Or would you just stand there and yell to them, "Well, I thought you learned how to swim.  You better try to learn now, on your own, because I've got better things to do." 

I think we all know the answer.

And by the way, my dh got a picture with Ken Ham.  Without me!  What a shame.  Maybe next time, when we go back to the Creation Museum!!!

More to come...

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Woo-Hoo! We're Going!!

Greenville Homeschool Convention

Yep, we're going this Thursday and we are so excited!  We're gonna see Tim Hawkins, Ken Ham, and Doug Phillips... Just to name a few.  Plus its gonna be fun perusing through all of the curriculum vendors.

The only downside to this is trying to figure out how to work in all of the seminars I want to go to and handle a nursing baby!!  I've never done anything like this and had a baby tagging along.

Oh, and there is another downside... Self-control!  I will want to buy everything right then and there.  So much to see... and touch... and feel... Oh, what am to do?  I really need to pray for self-control!! 

If you're in this area, hope to see you there!

Friday, March 11, 2011

I Have Been Blessed Today!

I was blessed today by another blogging friend, Day-Dreamin' Optimist!  She gave me an award!  So, this makes my 2nd one for this blog.  And I give all the praise to God, because I want my readers to be directed toward Him!  Thank you, thank you!  And to think its for being a stylish blog.  Who would've "thunk" it?

What to do once you have been given this award:
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    Seven Things You Always Wanted To Know About Me:
    1.  I just turned 40!  And I must be over the hill since being 40 has always been over the hill!  :)  At least that is what I thought when my mom turned 40!! 
    2. I need to lose at least 15 pounds!  Baby fat, of course!  Ugh!
    3.  My sons make me laugh way too hard!  Bad things can happen to a 40 year old, new mommy when she laughs too hard!  Oops, don't tell anyone!
    4.   I wish I had more time to do nothing but read.  I love books.
    5.  I shouldn't go grocery shopping when I'm famished... well, you know where that's goin'.
    6.  I'm extra happy today, because my dh ordered a new computer for me!  Can't wait to get it!
    7.  When I hear a song, it often gets stuck in my head, and I will go to bed and sing it all night while I'm sleeping!  No kidding!

    Now for the 15 bloggers that I would like to award this to...
    1.  Emily @ Strobel's HappeningsI have been following her for a long time, and she is always posting with great pics!  I love her photography!
    2.  Michelle @ Losing MichelleI just found her blog, and I LOVE her title!  I feel we may have a lot in common.  
    3.  Joy @ Five J's.  Talking about stylish AND organized!
    4.  Linda and Arby @ The Homeschool Apologist.  I love to read this kind of stuff!
    5.  Steve Finnell @ Christian-with-a-view.  Straight to the point!
    6.  Lloyd @ Solid Rock or Sinking Sand.  
    7.  Momma Mindy @ Momma Mindy's Moments.  I'm always touched in some way when I read her posts.
    Now, I know that this is only 7 and not 15, but these are the ones that I feel I want to share this with.  

    Happy Blogging!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

It Is Our Fundamental Right!!~ Urgent Message!

So, did anyone see The Child documentary?  Well, I did, and I'm fired up!  I knew about this, but I am ashamed to say that I didn't follow up about it by calling our senators and representatives.  This is such a crucial thing that I feel the need to really stress it.

Do you believe that you, as a parent, know how to care for YOUR child?

Do you believe that you, as a parent, have the "Fundamental Right" and responsibility to make the decisions for YOUR child?

Do you believe that you, as a parent, have the "Fundamental Right" to educate YOUR child the way YOU see fit? 

How about health care??  Do you believe that you, as a parent, have the "Fundamental Right" to choose how YOUR child is taken care of when he or she is sick?

If you do, then PLEASE, PLEASE, if you were not able to see it, or just chose not to, please consider checking out the Parental Rights website here, and look into what this is all about.  If you are a parent who loves your children, then you need to see this.  And get involved, spread the message... tell your friends and family to check it out!  We can't let "them" take our fundamental rights away, and lose our kids in the process!!

Stand Firm!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Are You Aware of What's Going On? ~ A MUST See!!

Are you aware of the fact that "they" are trying to take away our rights as parents?  And this isn't something that we can just sit back and say, "Ah, well, it won't really happen.  At least not in my lifetime."  Well, think again!!  It's closer than you may think. 

The Lord tells us to be "sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks around like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.  Resist him, steadfast in the faith..."  1 Peter 5:8

"They" want to devour our families.  "They" want to take our children.  "They" want to have the power to say what we can and can not do with our own children.  And if we let them have that power, they will!!

Please watch the trailer to this documentary that will be airing this Monday, March 7th.  You can watch it on the given channels or, like us, watch it on our computer and itouch. 

Be Aware!  Be Brave In Christ!  And Stand Up for What Is Right!

Friday, March 4, 2011

This Week's Journal

 The Homeschool Mother's Journal

This week has been an interesting one since... I turned the big 4-0!!!  What a milestone.  Only by the grace of God I made it this far!!

Anyway, on with the Journal...

In my life this week... of course, was my birthday, so my parents came to visit and took the kids and I to an Indian restaurant.  The plan was for me to pick where I wanted to go, but I let the boys pick the place.  We had Indian food only once before, so this was a different experience.  Thankfully, we all enjoyed it.

In our homeschool this week, we are doing a little catching up on a couple of things that have been neglected.  Namely, spelling and grammar.

My favorite thing this week was, of course, my birthday!!  And the fact that I got a clean house!

What's not working for us, is being behind on the little things, like grading their assignments and going over the mistakes.  Catching up is hard to do.  Procrastination is the enemy.  Staying ahead is the name of the game!

A homeschool thought that I have is this:  If I know that we were called to do this, and that calling came from God, then if I'm procrastinating on the little things, I'm not walking in OBEDIENCE!!  More on this later.

And now for a quote from R. C. Sproul, Jr.'s book, When You Rise Up:
The devil, you understand, is craftier than the beasts of the field.  He doesn't simply whisper in our ears, "Betray your children.  Raise them in the nurture and admonition of the state."  Instead, he distracts us, pulls us off our target, makes us forget our calling, piece by piece.
Happy Homeschooling

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What If This Were To Happen To Us?

What if...

You were having one of those days...

The house looks like a tornado ripped through it.  Your son is sitting at the table with his math book, but not really doing any math, because his gaze is outside the window.  He isn't doing anything because he is distracted by...

Your toddler, running around, half naked, with her diaper sagging, needing a change.

And your teenager is supposedly doing his schoolwork on the computer, but really, without your knowledge, he is sneaking a bit of time on his blog.  But posting about his "schoolwork", of course.

You feel like you could scream, but then you hear something that makes you tremble...

The dreaded knock at your door!

What do you do?  Run to your room to put on some decent clothes, because you forgot that you were still in your jammies.  Yell to your teenager to grab his sister so she won't be found without any clothes on.  

You peep a look out the window to see who it could possibly be knocking at your door at 1PM, and to your astonishment, it looks like a Public School Official with a Police Officer!!

So now, what DO you do??  Panic?  Pray?  Or panic and pray?  

Does this sound like a familiar nightmare to you?  Is this something that has always been at the back of your mind, knowing that homeschooling is legal, but still not accepted by the mainstream.  For me, it hasn't been something that keeps me bound, but I do have to remember to keep myself ready IF this were to ever happen.  Why?

Because, we as homeschoolers, are still considered to be child abusers, even though it is completely legal to home educate.  The mainstream media, along with our brainwashed relatives, just don't see that we ARE educating our kids!!  Instead, they think we are abusing our kids by keeping them out of God-hating schools.  

I just ran across this story, about a couple who was arrested last year, for "supposedly" not educating their 4 kids, because they homeschooled them.  They apparently did not "register" the kids with the school district, and after 7 years, they were "caught".  Watch this short video and take note at how they are represented, as the kids are "not being educated, or homeschooled." 

Does this scare me?  Sure, a little, knowing that this could happen to any of us!  Do I live in fear?  No, because we have Jesus on our side.  But I do need to remember to always pray for God's protection and favor.  We never know what tomorrow will bring!

And, let us never forget to always thank Almighty God for the privilege of having our kids home with us, learning the things He wants them to learn.