"The end of learning is to repair the ruin of our first parents by regaining to know God aright, and out of that knowledge, to love Him, to imitate Him, to be like Him." - John Milton, Puritan Poet

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Just One More Day!!

Just one more day until my platypus will reach day #180!!!  But, to his dismay, he is not quite finished.  So, we will take the next couple of days to finish up.  Those loose ends to tie up, like reviewing and researching a few more snakes for his lapbook.  And we maybe finish up the last couple of chapters of his grammar book.  But, maybe that can be put aside.

Unfortunately, my black belt linguist has about another month of math!!!!  Bless his heart, he's been working so hard on everything, but still another unit of math!!!  He's a good sport about it and very responsible, so I know that I won't have to stay on him to keep going.  Thank the good Lord for that.

So... the next few weeks I can finally focus on next years school work and, of course, the baby!!!!  Oh My!!!!

Happy School Break!

Another Reason

Reason number 2 why we homeschool...

Thursday, June 3, 2010

God Blessed Us Tremendously!!

My son and I went to a small used curriculum sale in our area last week.  I spent a whopping 3 bucks!!   BUT, God blessed us with a FREE Switched on Schoolhouse curriculum!!!!!!!!

That's right!  FREE!!!  The whole shabang!  My son is moving into the 8th grade and he uses some of the SOS curriculum, and wouldn't you know it, but she was giving away the whole 8th grade set!!!!  I couldn't believe it.  I offered several times to give her something for it, but she was insistent that someone gave it to her and she wanted to bless someone with it, too! 

And another thing... It was just 2 days before Alpha and Omega (SOS) was ending their yearly sale.  So, just the day before I was checking out the SOS subjects to see which ones we needed to order.  I just hadn't put the order in yet. 

So, I was amazed at God's goodness and sovereignty!  Now, my son won't use all of it, but we took it anyway, and maybe and hopefully we can bless someone with it one day, too!

Isn't God good??

Will We Ever Finish? ~ Just Rambling!

Yep, this is the time of year when I can't wait to finish the school year so that I can focus my full attention to planning next year.  I'm chomping at the bit to finish.  My kids are working hard to get there, and I'm patiently waiting. 

I love this time of year.  To plan and to pray and to SHOP!  But mostly to reflect, and to just simply have some down time.  Of course, we all need some time to just relax!  But, unfortunately, I won't have much time to relax since we have to get ready for our new baby!!!  So...

Need to really think hard and pray hard about what I can realistically do with a new baby!  God is definitely teaching me how to trust Him.  And this will be a good testing ground for me!!!

So, just rambling a bit while I wait!  And wait... and wait...